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Here’s the scoop!

October 24th, 2013


The Curiosities Collection

May 16th, 2013

Zoom in and check out our 3 newest patterns – Fobs, Elle Mingo, and Walking Miss Gypsy!

Available soon in our shop, please stay tuned!!!

Oh the places we will go!

March 7th, 2013


As always, your samples will be refunded if a yard of fabric or roll of wallpaper is purchased.

You can order all samples from our shop here – fabric or wallpaper

Matchmaker, matchmaker …

January 21st, 2013

I’ve found over the years that it’s hard to come by a matchbook, they used to be everywhere!
At restaurants, hotels, country clubs, gas stations, bars … they were a token for one to remember a business’s logo, an address, a phone number. Great effort went into their design and although they’re harder to find now, it makes the find even better when you come across one that’s unique. Here are a few I found over the holiday’s to add to my ever expanding collection!

Brilliant Imports

November 29th, 2012

To kick off Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt!  Amy Campbell of Brilliant Imports, an online shop curating worldly finds invited me over to see her latest products thoughtfully collected from local artisan’s from Bali.  Never one to turn down an adventure, I showed up with my camera and credit card in hand.  Hand polished teak tables, heavily detailed cornice and trim boards, hand-painted silk robes and more awaited me … a sanctuary of imports indeed!  I encourage scouring her website to see more … and check back often because her travels equal your design brilliance!




Please check out Brilliant Imports and spread the word! www.brilliantimports.com

Enter “JoytoYou” for 25% Discount until Dec. 2, 2012

Farincy Davis ~ 1893

October 25th, 2012

A favorite blog of mine, Forgotten Bookmarks features daily finds from rare books.

Items one has hidden or absently forgotten, to be later found in collectibles and now shared.

I love collecting old books and too have often found little treasures … thought I would share this one.

“Farincy” …. what a name! It makes me wonder about its origin?

Top picture can be found on my pinterest board.

Put your drinkware on display …

August 1st, 2012

Some of these glasses I’ve collected over the years and others are on my wish list!

With Summer almost over, there’s never a better time than now to mix up a cocktail from Mrs. Lilian’s Cocktail Swatchbook.

Find your own Catstudio City/State Glass and Bicycle for Two Highball.

Swizzle images courtesy of Elephant Props (photo from Philip Ficks).

From trash to treasure ….

June 14th, 2012

Chairs re-upholstered in Whimsey Chronicles Sand Jamboree 100% Cotton Fabric in Myrtle Beach colorway


May 30th, 2012

Feature the family colorfully!  Framed wallpaper silhouettes display your loved ones in a different light.

A new profile of DIY “face to face” wallpaper silhouettes. Wallpaper provided by The Whimsey Chronicles.


Music Monday

May 7th, 2012

Start your week off right with music Monday! A selection of some of my favorite albums this month.

* Great Lake Swimmers * White Rabbits * Brandi Carlile *

* Sugar + the Hi-lows * Dry The River * The Barr Brothers *

Pretty in Print

April 19th, 2012

Happy to announce linen prints by The Whimsey Chronicles! “By the Sea” is the first original design.

Get pretty in print and join the seahorse parade cascading through sails along the dips and swells of the ocean’s waves!

A fresh perspective . . .

March 20th, 2012

Bring it all together with a fresh perspective! Join the foxy feast with these fancy pattern selections.

1. Foxtrot in Teaberry colorway by The Whimsey Chronicles 2. Madison CT in Chocolate colorway by Lulu DK

3. Skintex SF Exotic in Buff colorway from Auto Trim 4. Exotic Zebra Cowhide in Grey from Rawhide Company

Take a walk in my shoes …

February 18th, 2012
Upon first sight, I fell in love with these pretty polaroid notecards by Janine Vangool
entitled "Shoegazing." (below left) After gifting them to myself, I thought what a
fun idea!!! See my results here and please visit my Pinterest for more pics.

My pet project …

January 25th, 2012

See you next post, have a great week!


a lil’ birdie told me …

December 17th, 2011

1. Foxtrot Pattern from The Whimsey Chronicles, available in Cotton, Linen, and Wallpaper 2. Fox Tee 3. Fox Note Card Set

4. Fox Mug 5. Fox Pillow 6. Fox Brooch 7. Foxy Cushion 8. Fox Mittens 9. Sly as a Fox Hat 10. Fox Pocket Doll

11. Fleet Foxes MusicGig Poster 12. Vintage Fox Ring 13. Red Fox Print 14. Orange Fox Cushion

A new collection is released … Can you sea me?

December 2nd, 2011

Find these new patterns HERE!

I’m crushing on …

October 26th, 2011

I’m crushing on 1. yummy goodies from Baked By Melissa 2. Katie Maennle furnishings 3. fashion from 81 Poppies 4. furniture from Gypsy Soul Interiors 5. tunes by Ben Howard

6. everything sparkly from Society Social!

Lace brushes by Nadine Pau


Destination: Round Top

September 26th, 2011
Whether you’re coming or going, Round Top Antique Week is the supreme of flea markets!
If you haven’t been …. GO, if you go each year …. see you there!
September 28 – Oct. 2, 2011

(Photo from Livet Hemma, taken from the book SY – ÄLSKA TEXTIL photographed by Marcus Lawett and Ribbons Clipart from Pugly Pixel)

I spy something new!

August 31st, 2011

“Do you sea me?” will be available

from The Whimsey Chronicles mid September

All things whimsey!

August 1st, 2011

You say whimsy … I say whimsey, and above it’s all whimsical with these options!

No. o1 Papillon Betty Dress No. 02 Fetching Spaniel Gift Wrap No. 03 Nelumbo Kitten Heels No. 04 Blondies Vintage Bag No. 05 Antique Charm Bracelet No. 06 Twirlable Pinwheels No. 07 Chocolate Butterscotch Bars No. 08 Whimsical Dior Pink Vintage Ring No. 09 Pearl Drop Earrings

and for whimsical textiles and wallpapers, don’t forget about

The Whimsey Chronicles

Rustic to Retro

July 18th, 2011

Pick twice a year at Round Top Antique Week and find your own patterned Candle Sleeves here.


Swatch Faves

June 28th, 2011
Winter Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Deriso (Castel), Ikura (Castel)
Agate Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Pullman (Carnegie), Wonder (Carnegie)
Lapis Lazuli Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Names (Maharam), Repeat Dot Ring (Maharam)
Jade Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Converge (Designtex), Joule (Designtex)

Good idea Martha!

June 7th, 2011

African Cuff Wallpaper (used as matting), in Jade, $255 per roll, by Whimsey Chronicles

MCS clip frames, 11″ x 14″, $5.24 each (used 15 total)

Easy Peasy DIY Field of Photos per Martha Stewart Living – Unfurl enough wallpaper to cover the backings of a set of inexpensive clip frames, cut paper to fit each, and then use those pieces as mats. Hang up the frames, edges abutting so the wallpaper pattern is aligned.

Humor and Craftiness . . .

May 27th, 2011

Find “Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People” by Amy Sedaris here and read all about her here!

Buy the new “Foster the People” album entitled Torches here!

Then and Now . . . Forever Suzani!

May 18th, 2011

Suzani Links ~ Material Recoverythe Loaded TrunkUzbek CraftYurdan

I’m seeing Derby!

May 4th, 2011

Watch the 137th Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 7 at 5 ET

Links for items listed in order:

book, apron, pie, juleps, dress, hat #1, hat #2, hat #3, ring, confetti, ribbons

Follow your animal instincts . . .

April 24th, 2011

1. Cyrano Rhino 2. Squirrel Patch Kit 3. Springbok Bench 4. Elephant Circus Earrings 5. Blue Ribbon Horse Tote 6. Black Rocking Rabbit

7. The Whimsey Chronicles Foxtrot Fabric & Wallpaper 8. Screenprinted Lion Pillows 9. Otomi Embroidery 10. French Money Box Owl

11. Staffordshire Dogs

D.I.Y. to personalize your room & Re-purpose wallpaper

April 13th, 2011

I created these 2 framed pictures for a good friends twin’s nursery, and found it was the perfect way to re-purpose some wallpaper samples!

First locate an image you like (i.e. magazines, online, etc.) and pair it with the initials you want to use. Scanning it into the computer makes it easier to play with the scale of the image.

I used Photoshop, but a Word document can be used as well. Using a thicker font makes it easier to cut around the letters, I specified Blackoak STD.

Print out your picture and initials for a stencil.  Next, attach it to your wallpaper (I used paperclips to keep the paper in place) and cut around the stencil using scissors or an x-acto knife.

The picture frames were re-used since I found them at an estate sale. I replaced the original picture and kept the creme + baby blue mat.

Michael’s has a great selection of solid colored paper, which is what I used for the navy background that I mounted the design onto.

Tie a bow around it and you have a nice gift for a friend or just yourself!

Designers now offering the Whimsey Chronicles!

April 8th, 2011

Interested in offering the Whimsey Chronicles products too? Contact Meredith at 512.415.8541 or whimseychronicles@gmail.com

To contact the designers above for design services, follow their links below.

Frisson, Spruce, Cush Cush

Cloud Nine Design – email Mandy at mcloud74@hotmail.com for more information

Flea with me!

March 25th, 2011
Round Top Antique Week – the fields of Warrenton, TX or Marburger Farm or for online flea market shopping – EtsyBasic French, Inheritance, Jayson Home & GardenPip and Estella, Uptown Modern, Well Dressed Home.  Stay tuned for my new finds!

A little inspiration from my hometown . . . .

March 10th, 2011

Something different this week . . . inspiration for the weekend to come!

First Street Bridge in Austin, TX

Enjoy and until next week . . . please check out my past blog posts for whimsical items from The Whimsey Chronicles.

Pillow Talk!

March 3rd, 2011

+ Pillows from The Whimsey Chronicles

+ Lambswool Throw

+ “Pillow Talk” the Movie

+ Cotton-Sateen Pajama Top

+ Cotton-Sateen Pajama Bottoms

+ Bow-Embellished Playsuit

+ Organic Flavored Popcorn

A different view . . . .

February 21st, 2011

Don’t live without wallpaper! Incorporate it differently in your space by following this tutorial from Ikea Hackers.

Wallpaper by The Whimsey Chronicles, find it here!

Inexpensive Table Suggestions: Sourav Dining Table from World Market, Parsons Dining Table from West Elm, Vika Hyttan Table from IKEA

Determine it a classic!

February 7th, 2011

The Whimsey Chronicles Featherleaf Wallpaper in Divinity . . . . determined to be a classic along with the LBD.

Little Black Dresses listed from Left to Right: Carmel Plain Black Dress, Drape Neck Dress with Studs, Puckered Silk Georgette Draped Dress, Black Embellished Cotton Zhora Dress, Zipped Crepe Jersey Dress

Label it a good night!

January 28th, 2011

Enhance your dining room experience with bold wallpaper from The Whimsey Chronicles “Jewel of the Nile” Collection!

A lacquered dining room table and glass pendant will reflect the colorful conversation bound to arise when discussing  this new must read, “Clara and Mr. Tiffany.”

1. African Cuff Wallpaper in Agate 2. Granada Lantern 3. Vintage Ivory Lacquered Table 4. “My Garden” Iced Beverage Glassware 5. Rehabilitated Dishware by Sarah Cihat 6. Madeline Chair 7. “Clara and Mr. Tiffany” Novel 8. Octagonal Label 9. Secret Letter Mailing Label

Winter has arrived . . . .

January 18th, 2011

1. The Winter Textile Collection from The Whimsey Chronicles 2. Mid-Century Studded Leather Trunk 3. Pair of Campaign Chairs 4. Gold Cog Table Lamp 5. Metallic Gold Speckled White Cowhide

Inspiration found within . . . .

December 13th, 2010

Find Similar Items @ these links –   1. Amaretti Cookies 2. Iringa Basket 3. Ikat Textile 4. Ribbon Candy 5. Color Harmony Chart 6. Suzani 7. Christopher Radko Ornament

Raising the bar . . .

November 15th, 2010

DIY Bar Console in The Whimsey Chronicles Featherleaf Pattern

1. Lamps 2. Ceramic Foo Dogs 3. Mirror 4. Silver Tumblers 5. Black Bookcases 6. The Whimsey Chronicles Featherleaf Fabric

Assemble Bar Console with 2 Bookcases or similar piece of furniture.  Secure fabric with nail heads and hem all edges.  Add 3 knobs, 1 at center and 2 on either end to loop fabric panel around when accessing shelves.  Add a custom cut piece of glass for top.  Voila…..instant bar or console table with hidden storage and instant style!

There’s an elephant in the room . . .

November 4th, 2010

1. book 2. journal 3. cookies 4. candle 5. tray 6. bell 7. cardboard mount 8. coat hook 9. clutch 10. pillow 11. game 12. table
THE WHIMSEY CHRONICLES Cameo Wallpaper or Fabric

Pack your trunk . . . . . .

October 14th, 2010

1. Pop Louis Side Chair 2. Ming Garden Seat 3. Abaca Area Rug 4. Bridal Rug Sofa 5. Featherleaf Neck Roll 6. Mirror 7. Calla Lamp 8. Coffee Table 9. Mixed Ephemera Collage 10. African Cuff Fabric/Wallpaper 11. Acrylic Curtain Rod & Finial