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Swatch Faves

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
Winter Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Deriso (Castel), Ikura (Castel)
Agate Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Pullman (Carnegie), Wonder (Carnegie)
Lapis Lazuli Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Names (Maharam), Repeat Dot Ring (Maharam)
Jade Colorway Swatches – African Cuff, Converge (Designtex), Joule (Designtex)

D.I.Y. to personalize your room & Re-purpose wallpaper

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I created these 2 framed pictures for a good friends twin’s nursery, and found it was the perfect way to re-purpose some wallpaper samples!

First locate an image you like (i.e. magazines, online, etc.) and pair it with the initials you want to use. Scanning it into the computer makes it easier to play with the scale of the image.

I used Photoshop, but a Word document can be used as well. Using a thicker font makes it easier to cut around the letters, I specified Blackoak STD.

Print out your picture and initials for a stencil.  Next, attach it to your wallpaper (I used paperclips to keep the paper in place) and cut around the stencil using scissors or an x-acto knife.

The picture frames were re-used since I found them at an estate sale. I replaced the original picture and kept the creme + baby blue mat.

Michael’s has a great selection of solid colored paper, which is what I used for the navy background that I mounted the design onto.

Tie a bow around it and you have a nice gift for a friend or just yourself!

Winter has arrived . . . .

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

1. The Winter Textile Collection from The Whimsey Chronicles 2. Mid-Century Studded Leather Trunk 3. Pair of Campaign Chairs 4. Gold Cog Table Lamp 5. Metallic Gold Speckled White Cowhide